Company Profile

Corporate Name:
401-2-15-1 Kanda Tsukasa-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0048
Phone : 03−5577−4836
Fax : 03−5577−4861
Foundation Date:
July 3rd, 2006
Masanori Haruno
Main Banks:
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Sugamo Shinkin Bank
Corporate Vision:
  1. We aim to produce ambitious outcome through our service and go along closely towards development of delightful organizations and communities.
  2. We strive to be an “education media company” where everyone can experience effective learning opportunities through integrated advanced media technologies.
  3. We create “learning entertainments” through which learners can experience fun of learning.
Scope of Business:
  1. Development and implementation of training programs customized for businesses and institutions.
  2. Consultation about organizational research and reform.
  3. Development of database system for learning support and assessment.
  4. Production of video and WEB media.

[Training Division]

  • Stratified Training

    New employees; Young employees; Mid-level employees; Middle management; Senior management candidates
  • Purpose-specific Training

    Leadership management
    Target-based management, problem solving, and operational change
    Teambuilding; conference facilitation skills
    Motivation; interpersonal relationship and communication; on-site supervising and coaching
    Logical thinking and debating; logical presentation
    Training and fostering of in-house instructors & OJT trainers
    Training of service manners and basic business skills for younger employees
    CDP (career development program)

[Research and Consultation Division]

  • Assessment

    Multiple survey with a 360-degree view of how managers and employees are demonstrating their ability: Preparation of the survey forms, implementation of the survey and reporting the survey results
  • Organization Assessment

    Problem research (exploration and inquiry into causes of organizational and/or corporate cultural issues)
  • Consultation

    “Medaka no Gakko” Program (for qualitative improvements in human relations and development of stand-alone organizations)
    Programs for permeation and practice of the corporate philosophy & values
    Corporate revitalization programs

[Division for Database System Development of Learning Support and Assessment]

  • Learning Support System

    Development of WEB assessment system
    Development of learning support and follow-up
  • Learning-support tools

    Educational games
    Human-skill training cards
    Case study videos

[Media Division]

  • Publishing, Editing Design/DTP

    Educational publications, monthly magazines, advertisement leaflets
  • Video production

    Free distribution from our TV station “Arigato! TV”
    Learning tool videos
Business Fields where we have served so far:
  1. Private Enterprises

    Chemistry, home electric appliances, real estate, construction, building, IT and information, restaurant chain, food manufacturer, beverage producer, manufacturer of medicaments & medical implements, fabric and fiber corporation group, fuel, transportation group, travel, amusement, cosmetics, etc.
  2. Other Organizations

    National public officers, Tokyo metropolitan and municipal officials, municipal government officials, Posts and Telecommunications’ labor union, university officers, university seminar courses, senior citizen groups, artist groups, etc.